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January 8, 2019

40 Essential Items Most Wedding Couples Forget

No matter how much you plan and how detailed your day-of itinerary gets, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen.

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And that’s where this handy little (…or not so little) kit comes in!

Bumps and stumbles happen, nothing terrible about it, it’s important to be prepared for it and have equipment that will save the situation.

Heel Stoppers  Lawns with soft soil are a curse for shoes on a heel! Heel support is a must gadget for brides and their bridesmaids whose wedding day photos are to take place outdoors. There is nothing worse than sinking into the ground in your wedding shoes!
Bridal Buddy – Undergarment Slip for easy bathroom use Keeps your gown CLEAN and out of the toilet or off dirty bathroom floor! It can be as well great for a rainy weather protecting your dress from the rain and mud.
Manicure set  I love these kits as they are great to fix any nail-related accidents and can double as a bridesmaid gift. Specially tweezers from stray hairs to splinters, you never know when you’ll need these nimble helpers.
Clear Nail Polish – An old trick for stopping runs in nylons and tights requires the use of clear nail polish. Try to get a quick coat on immediately after you find the tear—this will prevent the tights from running further. It can be great to fix a chip and get back in the action!

And some more

Eyelash glue – just in case a lash or two need to be repaired.
Tide To Go Stick – Keep those stains away!
Small Sewing Kit – For those “make it work” moments. Your sewing kit could turn out to be your strongest ally in the fight against the elements on your wedding day!
Floss and Mints – When you’re stuck in a bind and can’t brush your teeth, these two items will keep you picture-perfect and kissable throughout the day and night.
Steamer  puff and the wrinkles are gone!
Medicine –  (pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid): It’s a good idea to carry around some pain relievers in case someone in the bridal party is feeling a little under the weather. Band-Aids are good to have, too, in case shoes are causing blisters or if someone encounters a small cut or scrape. (Pepcid AC) if you will be drinking at all during your wedding day these are great to have on hand. No one wants acid reflux on their big day.

Eye Drops – Don’t let red eyes ruin your beauty prep! (Side note: if the bride wears contacts, make sure she brings an extra pair, contact solution, and a case.)
Extra earring backs You never know when those little guys will go missing.
Mirror (I really love this one too because you can get them engraved, so they double as a sweet gift).
Comb – for the windy days.
Bobby Pins – It always seems like there are never enough Bobby pins!
Hair Spray – When the makeup artist has already headed out and you have that one rebellious hair that is driving you nuts!
Tissues – For those happy tears (and any accidental eye pokes with mascara wands). Q-tips & makeup remover – Eyeliner mistakes happen. But they don’t have to stick around.
Q-tips & makeup remover – Eyeliner mistakes happen. But they don’t have to stick around.

And more

Bug Spray – Having an outdoor ceremony during the summer? Bug bites are super annoying and can kill your mood. They also don’t look that great in pictures! Your guests would benefit from this as well if you have some as they arrive at the ceremony.
Chapstick – No one likes kissing cracked lips! This goes for Grooms too!
Lint Roller – A necessity, if not for the bride but for the groomsman – especially if your ring bearer is of the furry variety!
Sunscreen – Easy to forget, but crucial for many.
Blotting Papers – These are key for soaking up oily spots without smudging your professional makeup—especially necessary for warmer weather weddings.
Clear Umbrella – In case of rain and your can be great accessory to your photos.
Baby Powder – The all-purpose fix. Prevent chafing against lovely but uncomfortable lace and beads, and eliminate that nervous sweat outbreak like it never happened.
Super Glue – might come in handy for fixing broken shoes, jewelry, or other miscellaneous defective accessories. A few words of caution: Don’t confuse super glue with clear nail polish ;)! You won’t want super glue sticking to your stockings and skin.
White Chalk – If you can’t get a small stain out of a wedding dress you can rub white chalk on it! Magic!
Lighter – to use on fraying ribbon, candles, and more.
Water and Granola Bars – Sometimes with all of the wedding day excitement and jitters, brides have been known to forget about and/or skimp on meals before vow time. Although you probably don’t want to get too filled up on snacks before your ceremony and reception dinner, it’s a good idea to have water and some food item on hand so you don’t have to worry about fainting or feeling sick before and during the ceremony.

So day can go smoothly

Perfumes for her and him – Your groom/bride will love to smell your signature scent on you all night—from your first kiss to your first dance and every first in between.. It is as well an amazing accessory detail which photographer love to add to their photos.
Tampons –  Even if you don’t need one, someone else will.
Straws – To drink water (or mimosas) without smudging your lipstick.
Lotion – For taming dry patches and flyways.
Cash – Just in case! Include some change in case the bride suddenly decides the only thing she needs is a soda from that machine down the hall.
A Spare Copy of Your Vows – Unless you memorized your wedding vows.
Spare bra, underwear, pantyhose, and groom’s socks – because hey, you never know!
Flat shoes – in case your feet need a break Jandals/flat shoes for getting round dodgy places during photographs and for tired and sore feet after a loooong day in heels.
Cell phone charger – Or a fully charged portable power bank plus a cord for your cell phone.
Important Contact Details – of wedding supplier’s names & contact numbers.
Jewelry kit  fixes broken jump chains on bracelets and necklaces. Remember about earring studs.

We have 2 more quicks tips for you.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up for an Amazon Wedding Registry. This is an awesome way to be able to add things you may want or need from any store. It also gives you 10-20% off!
If you don’t already, you may want to get an Amazon Prime Account if you will be ordering a lot of things for your wedding day. Returns are easy and most things have FREE 2-day shipping.
If these were helpful let us know! Also if we missed anything, let us know in the comments!
Grab this wedding day emergency kit checklist below, print it out and give a copy to your maid of honor or best man so they’ll be fully prepared. Make sure you include a great big thank you to them for supporting you during this special time.

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