8 Wedding Photography Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

June 6, 2020

8 Wedding Photography Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

It happens; some brides look at their wedding photos and feel an immense sense of disappointment. Here are some common wedding photography mistakes to avoid.

#1 Not hiring a second photographer

Weddings are expensive and all couples want to save money where they can but your photography shouldn’t be one of those things. A second photographer is well worth the extra money as they are able to capture moments from a different point of view or moments that your primary photographer might miss altogether because they are busy taking other photos. More about this topic you can find in our blog about how to know if I need two photographers at your wedding day.

#2 Skipping the first look shots

You can save a lot of time by shooting first look photos as sometimes ceremonies run late and you need to rush through your couple portraits in order to get to the reception on time. The first look photos are also very special in their own way and capture the raw emotion as you see each other for the first time. To find out if the First look is worth it here.

#3 Waiting until the last minute to book a photographer

The longer you wait to book a photographer, the less chance you’ll be able to secure the photographer you really want. Some photographers are booked a year in advance so it’s never too early to book.

#4 Not picking someone to help organize your guests

Sometimes getting your family and wedding party together to take a few photos can be a nightmare, and this isn’t something that you should be worrying about on the day. Ask someone in your wedding party or even your MC to be in charge of making sure that the right people are in the right place for photos on the day. (this photography mistake might cost you your peace on your day).

#5 Looking directly at the camera all the time

Unless your photographer tells you to look at the camera, try and act as natural as possible and enjoy your day with your loved ones and your groom as these make for the best photos.

#6 Photography Mistake – Not having a rain backup plan

The weather can change so it’s a really good idea to have a plan for if it rains, especially if your ceremony or reception will be held outdoors. You should also be emotionally prepared for the fact that you might need to postpone your couple portraits if the weather doesn’t clear up.

#7 Failing to arrange an engagement shoot

Not only is it wonderful to capture this time as a newly engaged couple but it gives you the chance to practice and get comfortable in front of the camera. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know your photographer so that you are completely relaxed on the day. Check out our post about 7 reasons why you should get an engagement session

#8 Hiring an amateur

It’s great when a family member or friend offers to take the photos at your wedding but hiring someone who isn’t a professional photographer has its setbacks. If you have a few photographers in mind, be sure to go through their portfolios to ensure that their work is up to scratch before you pay a deposit. Read more about things to consider when hiring your wedding photographer in one of our blog posts.

Those are some of the wedding day photography mistakes you might want to avoid.

Happy planning !

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