7 reasons why you should get an Engagement Session

April 4, 2019

Cantigny park engagement session with yellow couch. Romantic engagement pictures.

You are ENGAGED! He just pop the question!!! Yeyyyy!!! you are so excited and happy and you run to your room to dig out that binder with all scraps you put together a long time ago as a little girl! MY MAGICAL WEDDING! YES, finally you can plan and have it as you imagined!

You’ve chosen the venue. Now time for booking someone who can keep your memories alive forever. Time to chose a photographer! And here come the questions “Did you consider engagement session?”

“- I say WHAAAT! I didn’t even think about it, do I need it? Is that something I should have? Do people get it? Is it nowadays a must or not?”- all these questions pop instantly into your head.

So here I will tell you why it is a good idea to have engagement pictures before your wedding!

Number 1. Get used to the ‘stocker’ with lens!

Oh yes, your photographer will be almost everywhere. He/she turns in to paparazzi on your wedding day! For some that may be quite overwhelming. Having an engagement session allows you to get to know your photographer. And that’s probably the most important thing! Can you imagine your wedding day (when you are already fed up with nerves) and additional unnecessary stress caused by the presence of a photographer? It is worth getting used to the man/women following you with the camera step by step. πŸ˜‰ Besides, as we all know – training makes perfect! πŸ˜‰ This is important because only with the person you transmit on similar waves, you will pose for pictures without artificiality and awkwardness. Such an experience will surely be an ice breaker – because the most beautiful pictures are those on which you are simply yourself. Check out this amazing session in Lincoln Park Chicago

Number 2 – A secret photographers will not tell you! Use it as a “check skills!”

You’re directly in touch with what a human being is! How he/she works with you, how he/she talks! After such a meeting, you can more easily assess whether you are on the same page, whether you want this photographer or you can not stand it. If for some reason the photographer does not like you or you don’t like the photographer – you always have time to look for another. Because it’s better to be dissatisfied with photos from the session than from wedding photos, right?

engagement session
Lincoln park engagement session in Chicago
Why I should have an engagement session
pros and cones of engagement sessions.

Number 3: Have some fun!

Yes, posing for photos can be fun! The professional will surely know how to create such an atmosphere. Rad and joy will be all you can see in the pictures.

Number 4: You are beautiful! – get confidence! Your photos will be stunning!

Especially seeing the final results of photographer work or processed photos! Because in the photos everyone can look good and do not have to be a professional model! This effect will be ensured by appropriate shots, but also – let’s not hide – the proper processing of the photographic material.

Number 5: Don’t forget about Instagram! Make all girls jealous! LOL!

It is the best way to announce your engagement on Instagram! I think I don’t need to say more πŸ˜‰

Number 6: Nice photos can come handy from your engagement session!

And their use can be really versatile! You can use them as Save the date,  use them to create the guest book (eg for the first page), set them in the frames on the tables (even with the table numbers), give away to the guests as a thank you. You don’t know what to give your parents as a thank you gift! You can use the photographs as a gift for parents. Instead of spending long hours thinking about making a present. All you need is nice πŸ™‚ frames!

The possibilities are really many, and the only condition that gives the chance for later use of the photos is to perform the session in advance.

how i can use my engagement session pictures. framed engagement pictures for the wedding.

Number 7: Take a brake from wedding planning!

In addition (strange that I write this at the end) the engagement session is above all a great opportunity to be together, stop for a moment in the chaos of wedding preparations and focus on your love here and now. In the beginning, you will be a little embarrassed by how to show love when someone ‘stares’ at you with a camera. With time, however, you will become a bit more courageous and open. This cooperation and trust, in return, will help us during your special day. 

Now it is a time to experiment, get a little crazy, bring props or do shoots in places only you both know. On the end at the wedding – it will be hard to focus on yourself, after all, it is a social party in which you will be surrounded by a group of your closest relatives, family, and friends. The engagement session is primarily for you!

engagement session fun facts and details
romantic engagement pictures
fun couples portraits
in the city couple pictrures
golden hour romantic session
on the beach romantic engagement session

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