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"Our number one tip for planning a proposal is always to put thought into it.
A rushed proposal leads to disappointment and unmet expectations on both ends,
so even though the proposer may be so excited they can hardly wait,
it's best to hold off until a plan can be put in place."

Let's get started! 

planing perfect engagement proposal


REMEMBER forever.

 1 in 3 women is secretly disappointed with their proposal!

Having your proposal photographed is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful SURPRISES to consider when planning to pop the question.

Having your proposal photographed is one of the
sweetest and most thoughtful SURPRISES
to consider when planning to pop the question.

 It’s your love story, and this moment should reflect your relationship, memories, and her favorite things.

Let’s make it all about you two!

Planing A marriage Proposal in Chicago ?

— IT’S THE ENTIRE                        

Make sure you get their reaction  captured.
It will soon become your new family heirloom.
You and your children will cherish those images of this intimate for decades.



... Take a hike together
... Propose at a famous spectacular location
... Take a walk down the beach at sunset
... Stage a scavenger hunt
... Take an art class together
... Photoshoot marriage proposal
... Have your partner read through a book before a proposal
... Create a milestone movie, book or album of your relationship
... Set up a picnic
... Recreate Your First Date
... Write Your Marriage Proposal in the Sand
... Hire a Band: Serenade during dinner
... Pop the question When You're Doing Something You Both Love
... On a Helicopter Ride 
... On the Chicago River or Lake Michigan ride




In Chicago is this kind of city that everybody can find this special place for themselves. Thete is all the big-city attractions that make perfect to go locations for a proposal, but also has some hidden, spots where you can feel away from the hustle of city life. where your Chicago Wedding Photographer will capture your perfect marriage proposal. Which you and your significant other. You will chrish those images for years to come. 

- Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
- Chinatown's Ping Tom Park
- North Avenue Beach
- London House Cupola
- Lincoln Park Conservatory
- Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel
- The Signature Room in the John Hancock Center
- Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean” in Millennium Park
- Wrigley Field
- Buckingham Fountain at Night in Millennium Park
- Art Institute Gardens 
- Shedd Aquarium
- Adler Planetarium
- Museum of Contemporary Art
- Maggie Daley Park
- Olive Park 
- University of Chicago

you must be so close to asking the love of your life to marry you.

I am so excited for you and I hope that you'll find all the answers you need in here.
I’ll go over choosing the time + day, location, hiring a photographer and so much more. Let’s dive right in!

I am so excited for you and I hope that you'll find all the answers you need in here. I’ll go over choosing the time + day, location, hiring a photographer and so much more.
Let’s dive right in!

Proposal Chicago

How to propose?

Pick the Ring

You've probably already picked up an engagement ring if you are planning on proposing to your partner. If you haven’t picked an engagement ring that your partner will love, now is the time. You are probably wondering what kind of engagement ring they would like. Try to remember if there was a time when they might have dropped a hint about the proposal idea once or twice. If you can’t recall anything, you might go for a date or a shopping trip to the local mall and by accident wander into the jewelry store. You can subtly ask “See anything you like?” If it didn’t work. I am sure that person working at the jewelry store will be able to help you pick the one that your partner will love. 

Choose the Day

You need to decide when will be the day you want to propose. This day will be one of the most important dates in your relationship and forever a special one. It is the day when you went from boyfriend/girlfriend to future spouse. If your partner loves tradition you can choose one of the classics like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or New Years. During this time the romantic aura won’t let you go wrong. However, if you think that your partner would prefer something more unique proposal idea, you can go with the day you met or on the anniversary of the day you met or their birthday. If you chose a day which is completely random they’ll be less likely to see it coming!


The amazing thing about planning a Chicagoland proposal is that there are so many amazing places to pop the question. You can go somewhere sentimental, like where you went on your first date, had a first kiss or where you asked them to be your girlfriend/boyfriend or your favorite date spot. You could even do it in your own living room. Backyard is a great proposal idea also, if that’s how you two roll. However, if you want to really wow them you can propose at one of Chicago’s classic proposal spots with a view of the amazing skyline. In the next tab I have made an extensive list of most popular Chicago engagement locations. 


Proposing to your soon to be spouse creates an incredible emotional reaction for both of you. Whether they were expecting it or not they will be super excited. This moment will go so fast for both of you with nervousness and surprise. Your significant other will be so happy when they realize that you had a professional photographer capture it all for you. So you can look back and relive this moment for the rest of your lives together. You can also share the news with your friends and family on social media with a beautiful image. After they say yes you can start creating same day engagement session photos too!

When Hiring a Photographer:

All you’ll really need is one hour session so the photographer can capture the grand moment of you proposing to your love. It might cost you approximately $400. I would recommend that you do your research and make sure that you hire a proposal photographer who is experienced and has photographed marriage proposals before. You also want to make sure that they have telephoto zoom lenses that will allow them to capture the action. Even if they are hiding across the street in the bushes.

What You’ll Need to Provide:

It's a good idea to provide your proposal photographer with a your and your partner's selfie. Most likely you won’t be meeting the photographer in person before the shoot. That’s why you might want to make sure that they know who you are when they see you. Provide your Chicago proposal photographer with your phone number so you can message and keep in contact on the day of. To make sure that they’re on the spot waiting for a big moment to happen. When you have picked your Chicagoland proposal location you want to tell them the exact spot where you’ll be planting the knee. Remember you want to be positioned in a way that your proposal photographer can capture both of your faces!

Don’t Forget Your Permits

Cover your bases by acquiring photography and other setups permits needed. Most of the City of Chicago famous proposal places require photo permits. Try to find a location that you can actually rent


Absolutely nothing sets a romantic mood like a sunrise or a sunset. Take into the consideration what time of day you would like to propose. In order to ensure that the light is flattering for pictures. So you can grab the “Just engaged” session afterwards. With every season of the year comes different sunset times. Below I have listed the best times of day for a proposal based on my experience as a Chicago proposal photographer. You’ll want at least an hour of sunlight for your photography engagement session.

Perfect Times to Propose:













3 pm go time as sunset is around 5 pm

3.30 pm go time as sunset is around 5.30 pm

(before time shift) 4 pm go time as sunset is around 6 pm (after the time shift) 5 pm go time as sunset is around 7 pm

5.30 pm go time as sunset is around 7.30 pm

6 pm pm go time as sunset is around 8.00 pm

6.30 pm pm go time as sunset is around 8.30 pm

6.30 pm pm go time as sunset is around 8.30 pm

6 pm pm go time as sunset is around 8 pm

5 pm go time as sunset is around 7 pm

4 pm go time as sunset is around 6 pm

(before time shift) 3pm go time as sunset is around 5.30 pm (after the time shift) 2.30pm go time as sunset is around 4.30pm

2 pm go time as sunset is around 4 pm


Why EXACTLY you need to be at this place at this time? You might want to come up with the best excuse you can. Unless you are going to propose at a location that you two are regular visitors. Keep in mind that they might be on the lookout for the signs of you proposing. I would say that women have a special sixth sense for this kind of thing. Maybe tell them that you want to check out this new fancy restaurant and that you are going on a fancy dinner date so they should dress up. Try to come up with a plan so they don't suspect anything.


When the day approaches, take into the consideration all the sweet words you would like to say to your loved one right before you ask “Will you marry me?” Tell them how much they mean to you! What are the things that you love about them? When did you realize that they were the one? What excites you about your future life together? 


Once your girlfriend/boyfriend says “Yes” you can celebrate with a dinner or a dessert. You both deserve a little together time after all the planning and pictures. They might want to know more of the planning story like, how long have you had the ring or who else knows about their plans of proposing. How did you manage to put everything together without them knowing or suspecting anything.


To put a cherry on the top of an already amazing night you can invite your friends and family to celebrate with you and have your partner even more surprised when you walk into the surprise engagement party . 


If you would like to take your proposal to the next level with decor and romantic ideas, hire a Chicago Proposal Planner! Yes, there are pros who are doing only this. They will plan everything for you until the last detail. Just give them some details about your relationship and they will create something spectacular. Your job will be to show up at the right place at right time with your partner. 


It might look suspicious that you want your partner out of the door at an exact time, that’s why I recommend that you don’t drive that night so you don’t have to waste time to find parking. You can take a taxi or Uber. This will allow you to maximize the sunlight with your Chicago proposal photographer.

just say "yes" - TIPS FOR THE BIG DAY

Make Sure You’re on the Same Page
Chat With Their Parents
Try to act normal
Hide the ring in one of your socks
Speak from the heart
Put the ring on their left hand
Take a deep breath
Plan your own outfit

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Bozena Voytko  Chicago wedding photographer

Hi I am Bozena


Hello my name is Bozena and I love capturing marriage proposals and proposal photography! Whether you’re proposing at North Avenue Beach or popping the question at the beautiful Lincoln Park Conservatory or in a Millennium Park. Having a proposal photographer is a must! I’ll help you pick your perfect location, and plot and plan your Chicago marriage proposal, complete with a convincing white lie to get your future spouse to said location! Not only will they be surprised when you pop the questions, they’ll be even more surprised—and touched—that you thought to have your marriage proposals professionally documented! 

Bozena Voytko

- I have been a wedding photographer for almost 7 years.

- I love creating beautiful images, but more than that I love serving my couples and their families on one of the best days of their lives!

I can't wait to meet you and capture romantic engagement photos for you two! :)

Bozena Voytko

Hello my name is Bozena and I believe getting to know my clients is the best way to have an incredible experience, I'd love to take this time to share a little bit about myself so you can get to know me as well!


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