How to pose for engagement session. Inspiration for couples.

October 12, 2021

Best Couple Poses For Engagement Session

You’re engaged! And there’s nothing like celebrating and keeping this special moment alive forevermore through a romantic engagement photoshoot. Now, engagement sessions can be extremely fun to plan out, but you might soon find yourself encountering a bump in the road—the art of posing.  

How to pose for engagement session. Inspiration for couples.

How to pose for engagement session

The location, the colors, and the timing of your photoshoot can easily be discussed and arranged with your partner and your photographer. The poses, on the other hand, can prove quite a doozy especially if you know nothing about it. 

Worry not! Below is a list of the best couple poses that will capture your and your partner’s connection on camera. They’re guaranteed to make your engagement photoshoot a blast to shoot and your photos a delight to see and reminisce on.

1. The Side-By-Side

The classic engagement pose—no engagement session will be complete without it! Side-by-side shots capture you and your partner sitting, walking, or even dancing cheek to cheek. These are pretty straightforward head and shoulders, half body, and full body shots with you and your partner either looking in a specific direction, at each other, into or even away from the camera.

This classic pose might come off as generic at first as they don’t showcase too much of a couple’s personality. However, the shots produced are great to incorporate into your Save The Dates—trust us, your guests would love to see you and your partner’s faces front and center.

This classic pose is also a great lead into different variations of poses. You can start with this and once you and your partner are more comfortable with being in front of the camera, your poses will look more natural rather than staged.

2. The Holding Hands

Whether it’s simply two hands clasped tightly together, pinky fingers touching as if keeping a promise forever, a standstill pose with fingers softly intertwined, or a fun little twirl, you and your partner holding each other’s hands is one of the best ways to show warmth and emotion. It’s love in its simplest yet most sincere form.

This pose is also a great way to show those shouldn’t be missed details like the jewelry on your hands—especially the ones on your ring fingers. 

3. The Embrace

If you’re not comfortable kissing in front of others, an embrace is just as romantic. You can leap into each other’s arms, give one another a tight bear hug, or just snuggle close together. Another variation is to have your partner wrap their arms around you (or vice versa) while either facing the camera or looking away from it.

You can also add a bit of fun through a piggyback pose. Genuinely show how you bring warmth to each other and it will have your family and friends giddy with excitement.

The Side Profile

Fair warning, this pose can result in some funny and natural reactions such as a tiny giggle or a big guffaw. Don’t stop, though! These candid moments make your photos exude a kind of warmth and sincerity that only you and your partner can bring.

engagement session photographer in Chicago
University of Chicago Engagement Session

The Reenactment

The actual moment might not have been captured professionally, but you can re-stage the scene! If reenactment is not your cup of tea, you can also opt to just have a few photos taken on the spot where you or your partner proposed. This way, you can always look back on the moment that changed your life for the better.

The Light Kiss

If you and your partner are comfortable with it, you can share a kiss in front of the camera. Keep it light and classy to create intimate yet whimsical photographs. For kissing photos, it’s best to keep your lips just a few inches apart as you come into it to give that striking and romantic effect.

You can also give a peck on the forehead, cheek, or nose. Another alternative is to use some fun props that will hide your faces from the camera. This is a great way to incorporate your theme and show your personality as a couple.

Chicago beach engagement session photographer

The One With Your Best FURiends

Whether it’s a bunch of fluffy kittens or a playful puppy, pets will brighten up any photo—even your engagement photos! Your lovely furry friends will make your photos a hundred times sweeter than they already are. Having your pets on your engagement photoshoot is also a great way to loosen up a bit and just have fun.

Plus, no one will be able to handle the cuteness of your pets if you decide to feature them on your Save The Date invitations.

Chicago engagement session photographer with pwets
Chicago proposal photographer

Looking for something that will show more of you and your partner’s fun side? If you share a favorite movie, why not recreate some scenes from it? Comedy, drama, fantasy, sci-fi—the limit is your imagination. You can even go as far as making your Save The Date invitations with a movie poster motif.

These are just some suggested poses, but you and your partner can definitely go wild with them. Be as creative as you possibly can to show your uniqueness as a couple. One thing to remind yourself as you and your partner go through your engagement photoshoot is to let all your poses develop naturally. This will create authenticity with the expressions you share, making your photographs look even more memorable, warm, and romantic. 

Just be yourself, enjoy every moment of it, and remember that you’re one step closer to your very, very special day.

Written by: Sophia Young

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