How to know if you need two photographers at your wedding?

December 22, 2019

The marriage ceremony and all the events of the wedding day are one of the most important and wonderful moments of each couple’s life. Preparations for these events can take even several months – everyone wants this day to be perfect. At this time, you have to think about even the smallest detail: the place of the ceremony and wedding reception, wedding rings, dresses, menus, accommodation, hairdresser, makeup artist, musical setting … it would be long to mention the color of napkins and balloons … You will also need to choose a photographer … or two?

On the Wedding Day there are a number of events such as gettingrady, putting on wedding rings, breaking glasses, first dance, cutting a cake, thank you etc etc … They all have a common feature – they last very short time but are must haves symbols of the day.Not to mention the moments of emotions and surprises, which we usually remember when looking at the pictures … By having two photographers, you have the opportunity to see these events from two different perspectives – but also the certainty that no important moment will be left out. What would happen if, at the time of first kiss the broad shouldered uncle stepped right in front the lens? Having two photographers will save you from missing this moment.

Having two photographers let you to capture not only what’s going with you and your groom it will also let us capture your guests reactions and your grandma’s’ tears of emotion when you are saying your vows.

In some of the examples below, I’d like to show you why having two photographers gives you an advantage over one photographer. I will show you in photographic examples how it translates into final effect, which later can be enjoyed for many years  with pleasure and emotion.

Getting Ready

First Look

Walking down the aisle



Cake Cutting

It doesn’t have to end here … check out more of this Chicago wedding photographer’s work by clicking over to our portfolio. You’ve seen it all and want to reach out to contact us for your own portrait session, wedding or event? You can do that by contacting us through our contact form. Be sure and check out our other tips for brides here. I cannot wait to hear from you!

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