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November 29, 2021

Personal Branding Session Therapist & Coach

What does it mean to have a good business/brand photo? I am not a fan of classic headshots. Credibility is extremely important to me during the image session. Your image should be consistent with what you are like in your relations with clients on a daily basis. When Liz first reached out for a branding session, she was excited to capture her brand. That will show her passion for coaching in professional branding photos.

How Liz’s personal branding photoshoot looked like?

She was looking for images that she could use on social media and in marketing of her coaching business. After a chat on the phone, I was able to help Liz. We created a plan for how to best capture her in the photographs that represent her unique brand personality. Your clients and fans want to know the person behind the brand. That is he reason why social media featuring personal stories performs the best is that. Especially if the face of the brand is You. People are drawn to people.

During her branding session we focused on what makes Liz unique. Her joy, her personality, her love for her dog Bailey. I believe that our images showcase what’s most important her expert position as a therapist and a coach. When I look at the end result of our personal branding session, I feel that we have achieved our goal. A reliable, diverse portfolio of photos that will effectively support Liz’s business. The goal of personal branding photoshoot is to show Liz as a coach and a therapist. Liz as a therapist  and business coach does not use too many props in her work. He uses tools like all of us nowadays: laptop, telephone, planner, headphones. I know that Liz will usher pictures for the purposes for which they were made.

You can check out how she uses her images on her website here. We are ambassadors of our brands. Our profiles on our websites and social networks are our business cards. Also, check out here our latest post Why you should have a branding photoshoot yourself here.

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