Personal Brand Photo Session with a Life Coach

May 15, 2023

A Life Coach Personal Branding Session

Personal Brand Photo Session with a Life Coach

A personal brand photo session with a Rebeca from Vibe Mentor coach is an exciting opportunity to capture the essence of who Rebecca is and what she offers to her clients. These photos will serve as a visual representation of her brand. Conveying her personality, expertise, and the transformative experiences she provides. Here are some key considerations that we had in mind planning Rebecca’s branding photoshoot:

Define Brand Identity:

Before the photo session, took the time to clarify your brand identity. Consider the key elements that define her as a life coach, such as Rebecca’s brand values, mission, and unique approach. This will guide the overall look and feel of her photos.

Rebecca’s personal journey of healing and self-discovery ignited a deep desire to share her knowledge and prevent others from experiencing the same pain she endured. After spending over 15 years in the corporate world, she knew she wanted to create something that truly mattered. Thus, VibeMentor was born, with a mission to help people find their life purpose, heal their wounds, and manifest abundance so they can contribute to creating heaven on earth.

Location Selection:

Choose locations that align with your brand and resonate with your target audience. This could be your coaching space, a serene outdoor setting, or a vibrant urban backdrop. We Selected the environments that reflect the atmosphere she wanted to create for her clients.

Wardrobe and Styling:

Rebecca’s wardrobe reflects her personal style and professionalism while also being authentic to her brand. She chose outfits that make her feel confident and comfortable. Incorporating blue as a leading color aligned with her brand palette.

Showcase Your Expertise:

During the photo session we took opportunity to highlight Rebecca’s expertise and the specific areas she specializes in as a life coach. This could involve incorporating props related to your coaching niche or capturing images that convey your unique coaching techniques.

Rebecca, the founder of VibeMentor, has a profound story of personal transformation that led her to create a brand dedicated to helping conscious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs heal their wounds and manifest abundance. Her childhood was marred by abuse and toxicity, which left her struggling with depression, anxiety, and a search for peace and happiness. It wasn’t until she discovered therapy, psychology, spirituality, and somatic healing for trauma that she found a real chance at creating a life she loved.

Authentic and Engaging Poses:

To showcase her approachability and connection with clients, aim for poses that exude warmth, confidence, and openness. Natural and candid shots will create an authentic and relatable feel, allowing potential clients to envision themselves working with her.

Visual Storytelling:

We used VibeMentor’s personal brand photo session to tell a visual story about Rebecca’s journey as a life coach by incorporating elements that symbolize growth, empowerment, and transformation. We achieved just this through props, scenery, or expressive poses that convey a sense of personal and professional evolution.

Professional Headshots:

Alongside lifestyle and storytelling images we included professional headshots that exude professionalism and trustworthiness. These headshots will be essential for her website, social media profiles, and promotional materials.

Collaborate with a Professional Photographer:

Remember, your personal brand photo session is an opportunity to authentically represent your unique coaching style, connect with your target audience, and convey the transformational experiences you offer. By carefully planning and collaborating with a skilled photographer, you can create a collection of photos that beautifully showcase your expertise and attract clients who resonate with your brand.

To capture the essence of Rebecca’s brand, work with Bozena Voytko who is a professional photographer experienced in personal branding and lifestyle photography.

Discuss your vision, brand story, and specific shots you want to capture to ensure the photographer understands your needs and can bring your brand to life through the images.

Personal Brand Photo Session with a Life Coach

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