Meson Sabika engagement session

Meson Sabika engagement session

December 19, 2022

Meson Sabika engagement session | Chicago engagement photographer | Megan + Antonio | December 2021

Meson Sabika is a truly great venue to hold your Naperville engagement session. Its garden and restaurant will tell your story as a one day date night.

It’s simple to understand why a certain generation has suddenly chosen dating apps as their favorite method of meeting new people. Locating partners online? It truly is the coolest. And they do function, yes. Just ask Megan and Antonio, who discovered each other on Bumble. They are sharing their own meet cutes, from the first date through the wedding and beyond.

Meson Sabika engagement session

Love at first swipe

In 2018, Megan and Antonio connected via Bumble. A timeless tale of modern love! Because of Antonio’s big heart, loving eyes, and determination as well as the fact that she usually cracks up around him, Megan immediately recognized that he was special. As a result, they fell in love and became engaged very quickly. They were constantly experimenting with new hobbies, eating establishments, and locations! They actually tied the knot in a courtroom last year due to absurd immigration laws because Antonio is from Italy. At his friend’s house, in front of all of our friends, he asked Megan to marry him. A week later, they were actually preparing to depart for a three-month stay in Italy, where they’ll end up spending a few months every year.

According to the pair, they chose Meson Sabika as the location because they value good food above all else (even if it’s Spanish food) and a lovely, romantic atmosphere. 

Classic. Romantic. Chic.

Since 1990, Meson Sabika has provided community service in a location just west of Naperville’s central business district. The immaculate four-acre estate and stunning mansion, both built in 1847, greet you before you even get to the driveway. The taste of Spain and delectable drinks combine for an unmatched dining experience, whether you want to eat in one of the mansion’s eight dining rooms designed in classic Spanish style, attend a wedding or business event in the Pavilion, or relax on the patio in the back.

The venue’s chefs accommodate the demands of couples and their visitors. Couples have the option of serving either Spanish or Mediterranean food at their events. With these personal reviews from the couple, no wonder why they selected the same location for their wedding venue on September 10, 2022, with the ceremony being at St. Raphael Church in Naperville. They’re looking for a post-COVID wedding with all of their loved ones present and no worries; it would be their ideal day!

The couple-photographer meet cute

They are a really easy going pair to work with. In fact, Megan knew me through a sister’s friend! “My sister’s friend Jen used you for her wedding,” she said. Definitely, with word of mouth, Bozena Voytko Photography is truly gaining positive reviews left and right. With our light and airy aura, couples are ensured to experience a photoshoot that will be magical and highlight their love for each other.

Venue:// Meson Sabika

Meson Sabika engagement session
Meson Sabika engagement session
Meson Sabika engagement session
Meson Sabika engagement session
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Meson Sabika engagement session
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Meson Sabika engagement session
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Meson Sabika engagement session
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Meson Sabika engagement session
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