Lily Pool intimate wedding ceremony

September 30, 2020

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool wedding | Kasi & Bobby | September 20th 2020

Vendors love:\\
Dress: Reformation
Groom’s attire: Hugo Boss Tux, Brioni Bow Tie, Eton Shirt, Custom Cuff-Links, Custom made shoes
Venue: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Officiant: Debra Taitel
Flowers: Jeffery at Mangel’s
Photography: Yours truly

How they meet.

Their love story is like straight from Hollywood romantic comedies. Soo… romantic! Check out this Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool intimate wedding ceremony and all the events that happen before.

Nine years ago in July, Kasi slept beyond her alarm clock, She took a taxi into work, both of which, as an early riser and avid walker, were very unusual occurrences. Still quite jumbled by the late wake and rushed commute to work, she decided that skipping coffee was simply out of the question- even if it made her even later to work. She jumped out of the taxi a few blocks from work and peaked into the coffee shop. She was pleased that the line was short, so slid in for a cup. As she waited in line, she read her horoscope which that day, gave her a pretty big grin. … HE was not late that morning. Apparently, the story goes, he had already had a few meetings under his belt and was at his weekly 1-1 with his boss at the coffee shop across from his office. In the middle of their meeting he spotted Kasi. He thought, “I have to meet her,” starring over, “if she makes eye contact, I am going in.”
After finishing reading her horoscope, Kasi laughed a bit and looked up, searching for her coffee. That smile was the green light he needed, so interrupted his boss with “Excuse me, I need to go.” “Americano at the bar.” said the barista. That was her queue, she quickly grabbed the cup and dashed for the door. Taking one sip on the way, she decided it needed a dash of cinnamon so paused briefly at the counter. As she placed her lid back on, a hand flashed under her eyes with a card sticking out. Kasi looked up beyond the hand to the most handsome man. He greeted her with, “Can I buy your next cup?” A wave of rose gold, calm rushed over Kasi. Time felt so suddenly, and powerfully still. His eyes held the hold universe inside and for that split second, all was right. Kasi took the card, said thank you, and sprinted across the street. A few hours later after the adrenaline of being late dissolved, she looked back at the card and relived the memory. It was such an unusual day and yet, it all felt so right. She emailed him that same day… “I think it was fate that I was late that morning…”

That’s how this story started…. and it goes on…

March of 2019, they were on an early morning walk along the icy lakeshore path. They were the only two souls out there- it was freezing! Kasi was feeling particularly quiet, peaceful, and tired that morning – taking it slow and enjoying the empty trail. They walked 7 miles that day, Bobby kept nudging her to go a little further – she had no clue why. As they curved around the planetarium, she had a flashback to a moon walk they took 5 years prior – it was the moment that Kasi realized that she was in love with him. Twenty feet later, she looked up, he was down on one knee….

Kasi & Bobby

Kasi says … “Whenever we are together, time stands still. I feel safe, I feel alive, and I feel love. There are countless characteristics and experiences that have built trust, love, and friendship – but the bond and vibration that encases us when we are together is unimaginably profound.”

So go ahead and check out of Kasi and Bobby intimate, meaningful wedding ceremony at Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. That will make you absolutely shed a happy tear for this two.

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Kasi and Bobby, thank you for trusting me to photograph your Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool intimate wedding ceremony!

I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! Your wedding was such a beautiful representation of your relationship and the perfect new beginning. I can’t wait to see what your future holds together!


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