Why the First Look Is Worth It on Your Wedding Day

January 12, 2019

FIRST LOOK | Why it’s Worth It

first look - why it's worth it

Capturing Precious Moments with a First Look

The first look, where the couple sees each other before the ceremony, has become a popular trend in weddings. While tradition may dictate waiting until the ceremony for that special moment, there are compelling reasons why opting for a first look is worth it. Let’s explore the benefits of this intimate and emotional experience.

Embrace Intimacy and Share a Meaningful Moment

By having a first look, couples can create an intimate and private moment to see each other before the ceremony. This allows them to connect on a deeper level, express their emotions, and share a meaningful moment together, away from the eyes of their guests.

Capture Genuine Reactions and Emotions

A first look provides a unique opportunity for your photographer to capture authentic reactions and emotions. The genuine surprise, joy, and love that unfold during this moment are priceless and can result in some of the most cherished photographs of your wedding day.

The first look is a highly popular addition to many weddings day timelines. The first look or sneak peek is the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. No guests, no distractions. It is a very special moment that the bride and groom share that the photographer(s) capture with little to no interruptions.

Enjoy More Time Together

By having a first look, you can maximize the time spent with your partner on your wedding day. Seeing each other beforehand allows you to share more moments together, whether it’s taking pre-ceremony photos, exchanging private vows, or simply embracing the excitement and anticipation of the day.

Ease Nerves and Reduce Anxiety

Weddings can be nerve-wracking, and the anticipation of seeing your partner at the ceremony can add to the anxiety. A first look can help calm those nerves, as it provides an intimate space to connect and reassure each other. It allows you to find solace in one another’s presence before the whirlwind of the ceremony begins.

Extend the Celebration with a Longer Reception

Opting for a first look can also offer a practical advantage. By taking some of the formal photos before the ceremony, you can minimize the time between the ceremony and reception. This means more time to celebrate, mingle with guests, and enjoy the festivities of your special day.

Unlike the traditional reveal of the bride walking down the aisle as being the time when the couple sees each, the first look is a more intimate moment shared between just the bride and groom. You can actually look into each other’s eyes, which only makes the moment more genuine. The bride isn’t worried about not tripping down the aisle, the groom isn’t trying to hold it together in front of all their guest, it is a moment when the two of you can really take in and savor the moment of seeing each other just before you say your ‘I do’s’.

Relaxed setting

The first look captures the initial reaction of the bride and groom and allows the two to act naturally when seeing each other for the first time. You can cry, laugh, hug, kiss and just simply be in the moment without having all your guests around. This not only yields beautiful one of a kind images but will also leave you with some spare time to capture a few more couple’s images just after this tender moment.

First look at the flower field

The Sneak Peek

The sneak peek is ideal because you both will be looking your best. Your hair and makeup is still perfectly in place and gives you time to do any touch-ups before the ceremony. Including a first look to your timeline also allows the photographers the opportunity to focus on capturing the reactions of some of the guests as the bride makes her way down the aisle during the ceremony, which is often missed because the focus is usually on the bride and groom’s expression and reactions to one another. Finally, the sneak peek is one of the best ways to eliminate and of the wedding day jitters. Since you already have the emotional part of seeing each other for the first time you are more relaxed and calm walking down the aisle and saying your vows.

Creating Unforgettable Moments with a First Look

While tradition holds a special place in weddings, the first look offers a beautiful alternative worth considering. This intimate and emotional experience allows couples to connect, capture genuine reactions, and enjoy more time together. By choosing a first look, you can ease nerves, extend the celebration, and create unforgettable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Remember, it’s your wedding day, and the decision of whether to have a first look ultimately rests with you. Reflect on what matters most to you as a couple and consider the unique benefits that a first look can bring. Embrace the opportunity to share a special moment before the ceremony, and let your photographer capture the raw emotions and genuine love that will make your wedding day even more magical.

first look at Salvage One wedding venue.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love first looks, I understand it’s not for everyone butbut it’s perfect if you want the best wedding photos possible

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. First looks are the biggest bang for your photography dollar, and the first looks and portraits from Bozena Voytko Photography will be treasured for a lifetime.

  3. Ariel says:

    First looks are such a great use of time on a wedding day, every bride & groom will cherish their additional time together at their wedding! The day goes by so fast, I would want to spend more time with my partner if I could! This is such a great suggestion for every couple, in Chicago & beyond!

  4. Amy says:

    This is such a great post on why to do a first look! I will even direct my brides to this if they are trying to figure out if they want a first look. I love the 2nd reason, ‘enjoy the surprise freely’ I never really thought of this reason. Great post, thank you!

  5. Stephanie says:

    What great insight into why a first look is so important. I can imagine how nervous I would be walking down the aisle in front of everyone without a little reassurance from my best friend. Plus those photos really are the best. The ones with family always look… stiffer I guess.

  6. Sonia Freeman says:

    First looks definitely ease the stress of a wedding day, and allow for magic in the camera! Great tips!

  7. Jen says:

    This is such a great article with lots of information! If I had known about first look when I got married I definitely would have done it. All the pictures that I have hanging up at my house are of me and my husband, so the more you can get of the groom and bride on their wedding day the better!

  8. Wow, Bozena this wedding advice article has so many great points! It’s so good for engaged couples to weigh their options for what they are choosing to do with portraits. A First look can be such a great option!

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