Chicago Grand Park Fall Engagement Session

November 25, 2021

Fall Engagement Session at Chicago Grant Park  | Chicago wedding photographer | Maya & Matt | Nov 18th 2021

It’s hard for me to think Maya and Matt will wed in July. As their wedding draws near, I wanted to give a look back at their gorgeous engagement session in Chicago’s Grant Park.

I love shooting in Chicago, and Maya & Matt and I had the loveliest evening together for their engagement session! We primarily remained in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park. With that skyline, how can you refuse this enormous park? The entire two hours had the feel of “blue hour,” the period right after sunset, but with hazy sky that simply allowed us to shoot in any direction! Grant Park is very diverse, and I love how it gives you the impression that you’re not in the city while yet giving you access to the metropolis views! Chicago Theater is also a must-see!

How they met …

“…Journalism Class. Just one of those subjects where you talk the entire class and get the work done at the last minute. Maya was new to the school newspaper called “The Harbinger” but Matt was a seasoned reporter writing about pressing matters like “How I Fell In Love With a Thanksgiving Turkey.” Obviously Maya was impressed because Matt asked Maya to go to the Junior Prom and she said YES! Stunned, Matt kicked it into high gear.

He knew Maya was different and could tell there was something special about her. Plus she was like, WAY too pretty for him so he needed to capitalize. Prom was an amazing night and they continued to spend more time together. Matt eventually found out about Maya’s sushi obsession (still very prevalent today) and took her ALL the way to Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple.

Matt of course thought it was a good idea to see a scary movie – Maya does not like scary movies (this is how  inexperienced Matt was with girls), but she still held his hand either way. On their way home in Matt’s Blue Jeep Liberty that Leslie said was “safe” and Stuart said was “manly,” Matt got the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend (only Maya remembers what Matt said, you’ll have to ask her). She said YES! Eventually they both went to Indiana University to pursue a life of partying – sorry – studying. Maya focused on Journalism/Marketing and Matt learned about Telecommunications/Media Design.

Although they spent some time apart, they never fell out of love. They reconnected once they moved to Chicago in 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Now, all these years later (and after a special evening on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel), they are making it official and Matt finally gets to wear a ring all the time. Maya’s isn’t half bad either….” – (story taken from Mata and Matt wedding page)

Chicago Grand Park engagement session

It was fantastic being able to capture their engagement session this fall and stroll through one of my favorite parks in the city. We met in Grant Park’s formal gardens shortly before dusk. With a peek-a-boo view of the city and lovely thick greenery in the garden, it’s such a wonderful location.
I like how their attire stood out in contrast to the Grand Park’s vibrant trees and lush vegetation.
Chicago’s Front Yard is the name of the park, which is situated in the center of Chicago. Nearly limitless choices exist for Grant Park engagement photographs because the park is home to several of the city’s most well-known attractions.

Their love is passionate, loving, lively, joyful, and enjoyable! I loved getting to observe how they interact with one another, I actually enjoyed spending time with Maya and Matt. I am really pleased to have met them since it never fails to surprise me how great human relationships of all types are created. I’m so grateful that they chose me to photograph their wedding. Which, incidentally, I am already SO excited for, even though July 2022 hasn’t yet ended. Enjoy these AMAZING autumn pictures that we took in Chicago’s Grant Park.

Chicago Grant Park engagement session locations : \\

Location:// Chicago Grant Park
Location:// The Chicago Theater

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