Bridal Details Checklist

March 18, 2024

A bridal detail checklist to help gather everything for picture-perfect detail photos!

Planning & organizing all the details for your wedding day can get overwhelming because there are so many things to remember. When your wedding day rolls around, you have a million different things to think about and prepare. The last thing you want to be doing when I arrive is scrambling around on a scavenger hunt trying to gather up all of your bridal details. You should be getting pampered, and hanging out with your bridesmaids, and enjoying yourself! Every detail represents an intentional decision throughout your wedding planning process…

… from the dress all the way to the invitations. When I walk into a bridal suite (besides giving my bride a BIG hug)  bridal details are the very first thing that I photograph at every wedding.

The best (and safest way) to prepare your details for me to photograph them is having them together all in one designated bag or box on the week of your wedding! 

These details are so important because they help tell the whole story of your wedding day. 

A bridal detail checklist to help gather everything for picture-perfect detail photos!

Having them prepped and ready to go also means that time is being utilized more efficiently.

My job is to capture your wedding and to tell your love story as accurately as possible, and the details are a huge part of that.

These are not only things that you need, but things that will make for some of the most beautiful images on your special day!

I’ve created this guide to help you prepare for your wedding day.
It’s a list of the most common bridal details I photograph to help you organize everything easily to be
ready to go for your wedding day and make sure no detail goes forgotten!
So you have one less thing to think about and worry over when your wedding day arrives. You might even get some ideas that you never even thought of!

Note: This list is extensive, and most brides will not have every item on this list. Just gather the things you do have, and don’t worry about scrambling to incorporate the ones you don’t! I consider “Bridal Details” to be any small element that the bride will either wear, or carry with her as part of her wedding day.

Bridal Details Checklist

Invitations & Stationary

This is one of the biggest things that brides don’t think of in their “bridal details” category. When really, this is a huge detail! 

– When really, this is a huge detail! The invitation suite sets the tone for your wedding day and usually incorporates your wedding colors.
– The invitation suite is sent to all of your family and friends and if you think about it.
– So much money and thought went into these, they most definitely need to be photographed.
– Make sure you have a full set in your details box!
– Be sure to pack 2 copies of your invitation suite including envelopes.
– This makes for easier photographs as often there are two beautiful sides on many pieces in the suite.
– This way I can photograph both sides in the exact same image.
– One of the ways to make this even easier is if you’re working with an invitation designer, have them mail me all the paper pieces when you mail out the invitations to your guests. 

Most stationary elements include an invitation, envelope, rsvp, maybe a save the date etc.
Some other stationery items: menu cards, ceremony programs, welcome gift for your guests.

Dress & Hanger

The star of the show! This is my ULTIMATE favorite thing to photograph!

– Now, don’t worry, I’ll take care of this precious baby while I’m styling and shooting it.
– If you could bring a nice, fancy hanger for your beautiful dress, that would be a great bonus.
– Your wedding gown deserves to be displayed on something better than a plastic hanger it came with!
– But don’t worry if not, I am an EXPERT at finding wooden hangers! 🙂
– Leave your nice hanger in the Bridal Gown Designer bag given to you (when you pick up your dress at the salon) and you’re all set.

Bridal Details Checklist, Dress & Hanger

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can even get matching hangers for your bridesmaids to hang their dresses on! I love getting shots of all the dresses hanging up next to each other before the big day begins and if each one had a different, mix matched, clear or black plastic hanger, that could be very distracting to the photo!  

Jewelry (including all three rings!)

I love to photograph the wedding bands and the engagement ring together.
It’s the most often missing on wedding day is the bride’s wedding band. 

Bridal Details Checklist, Jewelry (including all three rings!)

– Keep all three rings (your wedding band + his wedding band + your engagement ring) in the bridal suite with your other details.
– Your Maid-of-Honor can always be in charge of getting your wedding band to the Best Man when we arrive at the ceremony location.
If you plan to wear it, include it! If you’re on the fence about something, include it.
– One of the best ways to show off all the beautiful details is with a ring box. They come in many different colors so you can find one that matches your wedding colors. Then, after the wedding is over, it makes for the most perfect keepsake. – Check out The Mrs. Box for beautiful ring boxes.
– I always ask my brides to wait to put on all of their jewelry at once after they have their dress on.
– This gives me more details to capture and the bride putting on her jewelry makes for gorgeous shots!


This is an area that sometimes gets overlooked.
You have a big, 10 layer tulle gown on, no ones going to see your shoes, right?
I hear you!

But think about this…

50 years from now, wedding shoes are going to evolve and look completely different then the styles that are “in” right now!
Wouldn’t it be so special to show your granddaughter what shoes you wore down the aisle?
You might not even physically have them anymore, but you will have a photo of them to cherish!

  • Often brides spend a lot of time trying to find the most perfect shoes. If you are one of the girls who want pictures in gorgeous heels but you have no clue how you will wear them all day. Well, good news!
  • Most of our brides have two pairs of shoes for the wedding day. They have their heels for bridal portraits and then they switch into something more comfortable. Some of the cutest bridal shoes I have seen for comfort are the Kate Spade glitter sneakers.
Bridal Details Checklist, shoes

Bouquets & boutonnieres

Having your wedding florals delivered to where ever you are getting ready at is SO, SO important, for many reasons.

Bridal Details Checklist, bouquets and boutonnieres

The first reason goes with the heirloom section. Sometimes I’ve seen brides have special pieces attached to their bouquets like strips from her mothers or grandmothers wedding dress, or a necktie that was her fathers that are no longer here with us, or photo lockets of special people tied to the stems of the flowers.

I’ve seen so many ideas and having these photographed with the rest of your wedding details is so special! It helps having that piece not forgotten to be photographed because during the day, there are so many things happening, that one tiny (but huge!) detail can easily be forgotten. It adds an editorial look, and everything looks pretty with flowers around it! 

Veil & hairpieces 

If you are having a veil, I’ll be taking some shots, especially if there is a pretty tiara or clip to fasten it. The veil is also a fabulous addition to the other details, and it can really soften the shot. Just picture your veil, draped as a pretty and delicate backdrop to your shoes and jewelry, tying all elements together. BEAUTIFUL!
I absolutely love to use your veil as a background piece for your detail images.

If you have no clue what type of veil you want, my vote will always be a cathedral veil! Check out some of my wedding or bridal blogs. Many of the brides have cathedral veils because they make for the dreamiest pictures. Simple veils are lighter in weight and blow in the wind easier. They also won’t feel like they are pulling your updo or curls out. Veils with lots of details are gorgeous to photograph but they are very heavy!

Bridal Details Checklist, Veil & hairpieces 

TIP: for your veil, first thing in the morning or even the night before, hang up your veil with your dress so it has time to flatten and straighten out! Some materials that are used for veils can scrunch up and crinkle very easily. I also love using the veil to add dreamy texture to your detail photos! 


We know you will smell AMAZING, but I love getting shots of those little simple everyday items. There is something special about a detail shot of a pretty bottle of perfume, whether it’s a unique one just picked out for your day, or your signature scent! Captured together with an elegantly placed silk ribbon, or even alongside your favorite pearls.

Bridal Details Checklist, perfume

I tell all of my brides to treat themselves to something special like threatening themselves with a new perfume bottle just before their wedding day!

First of all, a bottle of perfume makes for beautiful pictures during the bridal details. It also is super sweet to capture the bride spraying perfume on her wrist. But the most important part about this special detail is the memory that perfume will create. It will serve as a precious reminder whenever your partner smells the perfume you wore on your wedding day; instant flashback.

Only wear this perfume on special occasions and every time you smell it, it will remind you of all the amazing memories you created on your wedding day. You don’t want a fragrance that you already have a memory attached to it! 

Vow books

If you’re writing your own vows, to each others there’s a good chance you’ve purchased vow books for your wedding day.

These definitely belong in your bridal details box if you’re using them!

This is the very thing you will read from as you express your love to each other and this can be even passed down to your children for them to use as well!

The groom’s vow book can be delivered to him along with the bride’s wedding band before the ceremony. Let’s document them!

Vow books, Bridal Details Checklist



This is sometimes used in wedding days and sometimes I’ve seen brides pass on a purse or clutch. You definitely won’t be attached to it the whole day.

One of your bridesmaids will have it one moment, then your mom puts it on the chair next to her during the ceremony, and then it gets passed to someone else and ends up at the head table during your reception.

But, if you ask me, I’d rather have my phone, lip stick, mirror, etc. floating around in one bag and not all individually passed around. Haha! Also, it’s another detail I get to photograph to help tell your story! 


Who still has their garter from their high school prom? *raises hand* If you decide to do a garter toss at the end of the night, or totally skip it, it is still a fun detail to have! 


Gifts – bride/groom and wedding party

Gifts - bride/groom and wedding party, Bridal Details Checklist

Giving gifts on your wedding day is such a fun way to say “thank you” or “I love you” to your special people in your life.

Even if the gift was opened prior to me arriving, it is still a fun part of your day and I would love to photograph them! 

Any gifts being given the weekend of the wedding are always cute to include in the bridal details.

It is super sweet to capture any special gifts or letters exchanged between the bride and groom.

Heirlooms, keepsakes & sentimental items 

Photographs taken with these will capture your special day for years to come. Having items from the people that mean most to you amongst your beautiful bridal things can make the pictures even more meaningful.

Items such as a family bible, grandma’s handkerchief, mom’s pearls, maybe a love letter from your husband to be, anything to make those photographs even more special.

Whether your wearing your grandmother’s wedding band or using a handkerchief that was made from your mother’s wedding dress, THESE are the details that most definitely need to be photographed.

They’ve made it through the test of time and has landed in your hands on your most special day.

Heirlooms, keepsakes & sentimental items 

Silk ribbons, ring boxes, antique trays and other special heirlooms can really add another personal element to your detail photos. I sometimes bring neutral ribbons with me to add into shots, but I love, love, love personal elements like a monogrammed ring box or a vintage tray.



When it comes to keepsakes this is totally optional. A keepsake could be anything! It could be old jewelry passed down from your mother or grandmother, handkerchief, heirloom pins, something blue, something old, etc.
Keepsakes come in many shapes and sizes but I want to be sure I know if something is important to you!

This tells the story of your wedding day and I want to be sure I capture that special moment

I love when my brides bring extra elements for me to incorporate into their bridal detail photos. This helps make the detail shots even more personal and editorial. Vintage trays, ring boxes, and ring dishes are all wonderful additions. I also love when I have a few extra stems of greenery to work with. Some florists will leave these when they deliver the bouquets. Silk ribbons are a fabulous addition to bridal detail photos.

They help connect all the smaller elements to the colors of the wedding. One spool is really all you need! One tip for extra elements is to make sure they’re relatively small. Larger items will pull attention away from your small details, so select items that will compliment, not distract from your bridal details. If you gather a few items, your photographer can select what will work best for styling the detail shots.

Bridal Details Checklist


STYLING ITEMS, Bridal Details Checklist


Including extra styling elements that go with your wedding theme and colors like fabric, ribbon, patterned paper, stamps, vintage brush, or trays can help to give the detail photos a cohesive look that is consistent with the rest of your wedding!

Want to display your ring in a gorgeous luxury velvet box that will also serve as an heirloom for future generations? Consider investing in a gorgeous MRS box for your ring!

MRS BOX, Bridal Details Checklist
LOOSE FLOWERS, Bridal Details Checklist

Loose flowers and greenery make such a lovely addition to bridal detail photos! Ask your florist to include some loose florals and greenery with the bouquet delivery!


Have the bouquets, boutonnieres and loose florals delivered to your getting ready location 30 minutes before

TIP #1

Have the bouquets, boutonnieres and loose florals delivered to your getting ready location 30 minutes before I am scheduled to arrive to ensure they are ready to go when I get there!

TIP #2

If you had calligraphy or any special lettering done on your invitations, have an extra copy made for me to photograph! You can use a fake address or even the address of your venue!

If you had calligraphy or any special lettering done on your invitations, have an extra copy made for me to photograph!
Have all 3 rings (engagement ring, bride’s band, groom’s band) included with your details so I can photograph them all together!

TIP #3

Have all 3 rings (engagement ring, bride’s band, groom’s band) included with your details so I can photograph them all together! Once I am done with them, we can give the bands to whoever is in charge of holding onto them!

TIP #4

Be sure to also include all the envelopes with your invitation suite so that I can capture the entire design! And feel free to include your Save the Date as well!

Be sure to also include all the envelopes with your invitation suite so that I can capture the entire design!

Wedding Details Checklist for Groom

Groom’s Details

Your groom has details that are just as important as yours! Make him feel special on his wedding day too! The same thing goes for the men, the first thing I will photograph when I arrive on a wedding day are his details. If the bride and groom are getting ready at the same location, I will photograph all the details at the same time. These pieces tell HIS side of the story! Some groom details might include:

• Groom’s Tux
• Wooden hanger
• All three rings (engagement ring, both wedding bends)
• Shoes & Fun/significant socks
• Tie/ bowtie and tie clip
• Boutonnieres
• Belt
• Suspenders
• Watch
• Cufflinks
• Cologne
• Pocket Square
• Sunglasses
• Any gifts from the bride and/or to the groomsmen
• His & Her wedding vows
• Any significant alcohol and/or cigars saved for the wedding day (flask, shot glass)
• Any personalized items (personalized passport holder)
• Anything else that’s special Handkerchief, anything customized with your name or wedding date, etc. )

Thank you!

These are just some of the extra special details of your day that I can capture before you get completely ready.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this bridal details checklist guide!

I hope this helps you as you gather these items together for your wedding day and also gets you excited for these photos! In case you can’t tell, I love photographing these little details and making them look beautiful!

Hope all the final details of your wedding day are falling into place nicely! See you soon!! Ah!

These are just some of the extra special details of your day that I can capture before you get completely ready. Having photographs of these brings a lovely, whimsical feel to your memories that I hope you will look back at fondly, well into the future. You’ll love having these detail photos in your wedding album. Happy wedding day beautiful!

Get creative! Think of items, pieces and ways to show your style and express the overall feel of your wedding day. 

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