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Refine your brand’s look and improve credibility with professional product photography

We are a studio with specialized equipment to photograph your product and produce high-quality images for all your product photography needs.
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Whether you need high- end quality shoots of food or menu items ... cars, boats, motorcycles, or planes ... industrial parts and components ... apparel and jewelry ... electronics ... skin care and more ... call us. We are completely flexible to meet your project needs. Day or evening shoots, on location or in our studio ... we're ready to provide you great product photography you need to better market your product. 

Product Photos for Ecommerce, Amazon and Print

Professional product photography


Free Of Charge

Amazon web ready JPG images

We work with Amazon sellers every day. All orders include JPG files ready to upload into Amazon and E-commerece platforms like Volusion, Big Commerce, WordPress, 3dCart, Magento, and others. Your files will be large so you can have the zoom function.

natural shadow or reflection

We include the option of a soft natural shadow, or reflection which is like a mirror effect on the bottom of product at no charge. For most items we recommend the natural shadow. You also have the option to have no shadow. You can make your selection and also see image examples of each type on the order form.

highr resolution Images in PSD and/or jpg

All products are shot using professional grade digital photography equipment at a resolution of up to 36.3 mp (7360 x 4912 pixels) before being cropped. We automatically include 300 dpi High resolution images for use in print at no additional cost. Unlike most studios, we never charge more for your high resolution files. These files will be large enough for virtually all print mediums and advertising formats.

clean white background

Every image you get from Product Photo includes at no extra charge a pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) that will blend seamlessly with any white page in print or web. Ecommerce photography services with Pure White backgrounds are required for most major e-commerce companies and are the standard for high quality professional product photography. When considering a product photography studio make sure you will be getting a pure white background (RGB 255,255,255). Many studios will charge extra for this or not even offer a pure white background.

online proofing and delivery

As soon as your product photography shoot is done:
We email you proofs to review and your invoice.
You approve your proofs and pay your invoice online.
We email you a download link for your files. That same link can be forwarded to your designer, or anyone else on your team that needs access to your photos. Files will include a Full Size JPG image that can be used on Amazon, Webstores, and for Print. Plus we include a High Resolution PSD file with layers and a clipping path. If you require any other formats just let us know.

basic retouching

Even with extensive product preparation and custom lighting setups for each product there will often be the need for basic retouching to remove product flaws, dust, marks, or to adjust a reflection. Most products only require basic retouching which is included free of charge. For products that need more extensive retouching work we also offer advanced retouching services for an additional charge to straighten crooked labels, fix packaging flaws, or any other custom retouching need. If we feel your products would benefit from additional retouching we will contact you for approval and to provide an estimate.

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